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Cargoes & Trade Routes
Diverse Cargoes

Our class-leading service has won us a wide variety of customers for whom we transport a diversified range of dry bulk cargoes between many ports all around the world.

Whether carrying grain, coal, logs or cement – and whether trading via China, USA, New Zealand or Morocco – we have the versatile ships and the expert teams required to ensure a safe and reliable service.

Because of the diversity of cargoes our fleet carries, we are not wholly exposed to supply and demand fluctuations of a single commodity market.

The main categories of cargo we carry are summarised as follows:

Our dry bulk cargo volume 2017 (1 Jan 17 – 30 Sep 17)
Our dry bulk cargo volume 2017 (1 Jan 17 – 30 Sep 17)


Global Trade Routes

Our scale, global reach and geographically diverse operating experience allow us to meet our customers' requirements on any route, anywhere in the world, at any time.

Dry bulk shipping operates predominantly under a "tramp shipping" model, which means we are not bound by fixed routes and schedules. Pacific Basin carries cargoes from Port A to Port B under spot cargo contracts (usually single voyage charters) and under multi-voyage long-term cargo contracts – some of which extend up to nine years into the future.

Our global network map roughly highlights some of our main trade corridors.

Parcelling & Project Cargoes

Using the same ships and supplementing our core dry bulk tramping activity, we also offer a more regularly scheduled parcelling service which combines smaller parcels of steel and other break-bulk and project cargoes. This activity accounts for a relatively small but important share of our overall volumes.