We always honor our commitments
Our Customer Focus

What do we do for our customers?

We are "Handy" or minor-bulk specialists and many of our customers consider us to be the best in the business for a number of reasons that combine to deliver an excellent customer experience.

What do we do for our customers?
What we offer our customers


We understand the importance of punctuality to our customers, and strive to deliver reliable on-time performance even when voyages encounter unforeseen scheduling delays. We combine our award-winning technical management capability with detailed scheduling, an advanced maritime operating/IT system and on-the-ground local support to optimise every voyage and deliver a reliable service, ensuring cargoes arrive on time and in good condition.

Long-term Partnership

We look for ways to make it easier to do business with us and we seek to position ourselves as our customers' long-term freight partners. We believe in the mutual value of building and maintaining long-term relationships which we prioritise over short-term gain, and we apply sustainable thinking in the way we run our business.

Our customer focus, track record and financial strength enhance our customers' confidence in Pacific Basin as a healthy counterparty and a long-term freight partner. We provide freight services to our customers under spot and long-term cargo contracts, some of which extend up to nine years into the future.

We are here to stay and, through thick and thin, to ensure the highest degree of customer satisfaction, as summed up in our slogan: With you for the long haul.

Global & Local Attention

Our regional office network across six continents positions our chartering and operations staff close to customers and key markets. This enables us to know and understand our customers' businesses commercially and operationally, and offer a superior, more tailored and localised service in a local time zone.

We understand the importance of face time with our customers – personal interaction at the Chartering and Operations Manager level up to the CEO level – even if they are located in remote areas. Our staff meet regularly with customers to review their current and upcoming needs and projects, our performance and how we can improve and expand our service.

Responsive Action

We have structured ourselves to react quickly to freight enquiries and cargo contract tenders and to follow-up on indications and offers. Our chartering staff across 10 commercial offices have authority and autonomy to respond to most requests.


As the largest owner and operator of Handysize ships with a significant presence also in the Supramax segment, the scale of our fleet and substitutable nature of our high-quality ships enable us to offer a reliable, timely and flexible service at competitive freight rates.


We have the broad expertise and versatile ships to carry diverse cargoes ranging from traditional bulk commodities to more specialised parcel and project cargoes. Our large fleet comprises ships of uniform design which are interchangeable, thus allowing us to substitute vessels when needed to meet our customers' changing requirements and deadlines.

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