We always honor our commitments

With you for the long haul

We strive to deliver a reliable service, ensuring cargoes arrive on time and in good condition. However, our relationship with our customers extends well beyond a single voyage.

We look for ways to make it easier to do business with us and we seek to position ourselves as our customers' long-term freight partners (our long-term cargo contracts extend up to nine years into the future). We believe in the mutual value of building and maintaining long-term relationships which we prioritise over short-term gain, and we apply sustainable thinking in the way we run our business.

Our customer focus, track record and financial strength enhance our customers' confidence in Pacific Basin as a healthy counterparty and a long-term freight partner. We are here to stay and, through thick and thin, to ensure the highest degree of customer satisfaction, as summed up in our slogan:

With you for the long haul


Our vessels and crew are often commended by customers and port management for their quality and professionalism:

"Your ship and crew were well prepared"
– International Longshore and Warehouse Union in BC, Canada

"The crew you have assembled on the ship is truly one of the best I have had the pleasure to work with. They are professional, experienced and always willing to lend a hand."
– Port staff in Washington State USA

"(Your crew's) level of performance makes all our jobs so much easier, smoother and efficient. Our compliments to the crew."
– Port staff in Washington State USA

Such observations enhance our reputation around the world and go a long way to opening doors to new trading opportunities for Pacific Basin among discerning customers.

The professionalism demonstrated our ships' crews exemplifies our mission to excel in everything we do, with a view to achieving our vision of becoming the shipping industry leader and partner of choice for our customers.

We are "Handy" specialists and many of our customers consider us to be the best in the business. We know how they rate us through the feedback we get through our annual customer surveys and other customer engagement exercises.

"I tell others that Pacific Basin is the best in the business"

"You understand what it takes to have more than the usual client-shipowner relationship"

"You offer a first-class fleet and reliability, good customer service, cooperation and flexibility"

"You offer excellent cooperation - the Pacific Basin team does a fantastic job"

"Your service is always top notch and we enjoy working with you"

"Pacific Basin makes my life easy"

"Your performance is outstanding and you show flexibility when requested"

"You surpass our expectations. It's going very smoothly and we are very happy with Pacific Basin service and staff who are really focused on our needs"

"We cannot fault your performance - you set the bar!"