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Key Material Matters

We assess all the matters that are material to the longterm success of Pacific Basin and the sustainable growth of our business and operations. This exercise – an analysis of opportunities and risks and how to balance them – also assists us in developing and achieving our strategic objectives. Sustainability is a key element of each of these material matters, and this is the driving force behind our longterm progress and success.

Through this process, we have identified the material matters below which are key components of our business model and key drivers of our Group's performance and long-term viability.

What is material is defined as a matter that would impact our senior management, Board and Board Committees' decisions, applying several criteria such as:

  • the potential economic impact of a matter on the business and its value over the short, medium and long term;
  • our main stakeholders' concern with a matter and its likely effect on them; and
  • the extent to which a matter is likely to grow in significance and impact in the future.

Deepening our
customer relationships
Investing in
our people
Investing in our
high-quality fleet
Safeguarding health,
safety & environment
Increasing efficiencies
& reducing costs
Enhancing corporate
& financial profile
Evolving management
& governance practices